Things you need to know about wood

Wood is one of the most used natural items in the world. We all humans can differ from what we eat or dress, but what we use to live properly is the same. We all need a house to start our life, no matter how it looks. Similarly, we use wood to make different items around us too. Mostly wood is used to make furniture for our homes and offices. Before we talk more about wood and its uses, we should focus on the kinds of wood and where they can be used.

. Soft or hard wood:

There are two kinds of wood that are naturally available. They are known as soft and hard wood. Both of them depend upon the kind of plant. Hardwood is produced by the plants which use to shed their leaves and produce the seeds too. Hard wood is slow to grow and is more reliable too. It is also darker in color too. On the other hand, soft wood is available in lighter colors and they are not that reliable. It is mostly produced by the plants which have needle like leaves and they do not produce seeds too. Both kinds of wood are important in the furniture industry, while the hardwood is more expensive than the softwood.

Following are few of the hard and soft wood given:

· Mahogany:

When we discuss hard wood, the best of this kind is mahogany wood. This wood is accessible in a dull dark colored to ruddy darker shade according to the atmosphere of the territory. This is a high surface wood that is utilized to make furniture of different sorts. This wood is utilized generally to make wedding furniture of high caliber.

· Oak:

Oak tree wood is additionally a sort of hardwood which is utilized to make overwhelming furniture. The shade of the oak wood changes from white to dark and rosy darker relying on the zone and atmosphere. The surface of oak wood is likewise great and it can be utilized to make open air furniture as well. This wood does not spoil in the outrageous climate and this is the reason the majority of the open air furniture is made of oak wood.

· Ash:

Ash wood is well known for its twisting characteristics. In the event that you are intrigued to make distinctive things with wood, you should utilize fiery debris wood since it can be effortlessly bowed with no breakage. Most of the time, the chairs are made from this wood, yet you can make anything from it too. Like ash wood, timber is also a kind of wood which is mostly used in construction, timber framed workshops in the market are selling the best wood.

· Pine:

Pine is available in light shade and is also lightweight too. This kind of softwood is best for tainting the furniture. So if you want to have durable and light weight furniture, make sure to order the pine furniture. It will suit best with your theme and it can be easily tainted too.



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