Types of wood that can be used to make furniture

Wood is one of the things that are used universally in all parts of the world. People use it to make different kinds of furniture. If you are interested to know about wood and its kind, here are few of them available:

· Mahogany:

When we talk about hard wood, the best of this kind is mahogany wood. This wood is available in dark brown to reddish brown shade depending upon the climate of the area. This is a high texture wood that is used to make furniture of various kinds. This wood is used traditionally to make wedding furniture of high quality.

· Oak:

Oak tree wood is also a kind of hardwood which is used to make heavy furniture. The color of the oak wood varies from white to grey and reddish brown depending upon the area and climate. The texture of oak wood is also good and it can be used to make outdoor furniture too. This wood does not rot in the extreme weather and this is why most of the outdoor furniture is made of oak wood.

· Beech:

If you are interested to give your room a warm feeling, make sure to decorate it with beech wood furniture. The reason behind this is because they are more tightly grain wood and is famous for its shock resistance. This means that it can survive any kind of shock and you can easily move it here and there. It gets a smooth surface after getting polished.

· Ash:

Ash wood is famous for its bending qualities. If you are interested to make different items with wood, you should use ash wood because it can be easily bent without any breakage. Mostly chairs are made with ash wood, but you can make anything from this wood.

· Walnut:

Walnut wood is also known for its strength. This wood is as good as mahogany and oak wood and is best known for its strength. This wood is mostly available in deep chocolate color, but other lighter shades are also available in it too. So if you are trying to match your furniture with brown theme, make sure to order walnut wood furniture. It has a fine texture too. Similarly, timber is also good for making furniture. Many people like to install timber framed garages in their houses.

· Maple:

Maple is not only something that you can use as syrup in food. Its wood can also be used to make different things too. Maple wood is best known for its strength and its ability to resist the moisture. In simple words, if you want to save something, you should make sure that it is not in contact with water, otherwise it will rot away. Same goes for the wood too. Apparently, it has this ability on its own. So you can now make anything from it easily. It can resist any kind of wear and tear. They are usually pale in color with natural marking on its surface.


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