5 Reasons to Remodel your Basement in 2018

Basements are often left unfinished while building a house and they are mostly used as storage space. However, basements can be used in a number of ways and can prove to be profitable for you, if you know exactly how to use them. So, If you are thinking about renovating your house this year, then following are some reasons why you should include the basement in your remodeling list to get the best out of them.

Entertainment Room

The most common usage of basement is for entertainment purposes. Basements can be remodeled into simple TV lounges or fancy theater rooms. You can also turn basements into gaming room by installing the latest gaming system. You can basically remodel your basement into an arcade as well.

Extra Rooms

Basement is basically a large space you can use however you want. By remodeling your basement, you’ll be adding another floor to your house plan. You can divide the basement into smaller quarters and use them as office room or an extra bedroom as well. You can also turn basements into art or music studio for your children, so that they can follow their passions uninterrupted.

A Source of Income

As I mentioned above, basements can be used for living quarters. So if you decide to remodel your basement into a proper portion by adding bathroom and kitchen, then you can rent this basement room as well. Make sure that your basement has an external door so that the tenant can have his privacy. This is a great source of extra income.

Finished Basements Increases the Value of your House

If you are planning to sell your house then it is recommended that you remodel your basement first, if you want to get maximum profit from the reselling. Developed basements are practically another floor to your house which increases its worth almost dramatically. People were observed to get a staggering 150% ROI i.e. Return on Investment when they remodeled their basements.

Convenient And Comfort

If basements are properly equipped, they become the warmest place in winter and coolest place in summer in the whole house. This provides comfort and is one of the main reasons you should remodel your basement. If you don’t want to add another room to your house, then you can simply remodel to create a better storage space. This can be done by dividing the basement into sections or installing new shelves.

Home Improvements

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