Crane Inspection Requirement:

There are different devices to operate the Overhead crane inspection.

  • Tagged Crane or Hoist: make sure that the crane is not tagged with the tag of an out of order.
  • Control devices: check that all system is controlled by the control devices marking as Up/Down/Fwd/Rev
  • Brakes: it is also known as travel. This check the all movement which have not excessive drift. It stops 10% of high speed travel.
  • Hook: it help to check the damage, cracks, deformity of the throat, load bearing point and twist.
  • Hook latch: if it is present then it works properly.
  • Reeving: check that the wire rope wire attached and the rope twisted each other.
  • Limit switches: the upper limit device stop lifting the movement of the crane load.
  • Oil leakage: check that the oil leakage on the crane and the floor under the crane.
  • Unusual sound: squealing, Grinding, Unusual vibration are the unusual sounds. These signs are checked when crane is operating.

Operational Safety:

These lifters are operated by the trained workers. Full attention is required for this task. Before start the work test all the moving lifters and control and operate at the start of the each shift. The crane should not be overloaded. The weight of the lifter and the weight does not exceed from the capacity of the crane. Their combine weight always less than the crane lifting capacity. When all the issues are solved then the work start. The weight should be balanced and stable. The lifter should not be overloaded. The lifter cannot lift the load which is too big than the lifter.

If lifters have high temperature service then the hot loads also lifted by these lifters. Make sure that these lifters have high temperature service. Make sure that there is not twist or damage in the rope of the crane. Learn about the crane from the person who design it and do not allow to ride the other people on it. Make sure that the people are present on the distance. Do not lift the load over the people.  Sudden stop and start of the work give shocks and it produce stress and it exceed the capacity.

The crane inspector has almost 2000 field hours experience related to the servicing, repairing and functional testing of the crane and its equipment. Their experience tells that how to identify the faults in the mechanical, structural and electrical system and parts of the cranes.


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